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Web design pricing


Starter Package / Holding Page

We offer only one fixed price design package and that is our one page starter package or holding page. It includes one page of web design, hosting setup, email setup, contact form with auto responder and is aimed for businesses who just want to get a page up there on the web with some relevant text, contact info and a contact form with anti-spam system (captcha).

The price of £100 includes web hosting for the first year.


Individual website pricing...


We quote for each website on an individual basis based on the specifics of the website as we find this is the most practical and the fairest way to price (the only exception to this is our starter package / holding page).


The Best Website for YOUR Business...


We do this because our aim is to deliver the best and most fitting website for your business and for the specifications that we work out with you based on the business goals of your website and any other considerations that crop up when we discuss the design and functionality of the proposed website.


No Nasty surprises or extra costs...


We feel that fixed price web design limits the creative process and generally means that companies that do offer a fixed price may well have to quote high in order to cover all of the possible costs. Or if an initial price is too low without full appreciation of what the customer actually needs then there can be problems and dissatisfaction later when the true costs are revealed - or when the website owner realises they really wanted something different.


As a rule of thumb (and this is very general as websites vary greatly) we say £100 per page for the first five pages with each page after costing £50. The higher price of the first 5 pages reflects the fact that the project will be top-heavy as the design process takes up a lot of the time.


If your website has more than ten pages then it is likely that you need some kind of Content Management System to allow you to look after the site, change text on pages / images etc.


We implement CMS elements into our websites on an individual basis customised for each website so only the content that needs to be changed is maintainable by the site owner. We find that this very much helps the site owner keep the site updated as there is a much shallower learning curve than learning how to manage a full-blown CMS and manage the mechanics and design of the website as well as the content.


CMS, e-commerce and custom programmed websites can vary considerably in price depending on the functionality and size/scop of the site. Again these are quoted for on individual basis.


Please contact us so we can discuss your website with you and offer a free no obligation quote..