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Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation is an absolute necessity on the internet today, if your website is not optimised to work with the search engines you can bet your competitor's will be.


The first thing we need to understand when looking at SEO for a website is what is the website's purpose, what is it's aim - we find this out from asking the website owner and making sure that they have a vision for the website and it's goals.



After that we will do some research:


keyword research will look at the keywords used in the search engines that can drive the most and most relevant traffic to your website


competitor research will look at what your competitors are doing, which keywords and phrases they are targetting and we'll look at the factors as to why the top-ranking sites are at the top


on site factors - based on the above research we can then build the website in the appropriate way to ensure that it operates with the search engines correctly, can be indexed easily by all of the search engines and all of the on-site ranking factors are optimised


link building - if you don't have links in to your website then it'll be much harder to rank, based on the earlier research we'll devise a link-building strategy to build relevant links in to your website to raise its rank in the search engines.


Remember what you are looking for with SEO is highly focussed traffic which is relevant to your business offering or the goals outlined in the initial consultation.


If the traffic you receive from the search engines is tightly focussed and relevant it will be higher quality traffic that will convert much better.


The level of Search Engine Optimisation that your website will need very much depends on your business niche, it's competitiveness and exactly what you are attempting to achieve.


Webcentric provide custom SEO solutions for businesses as there is not a single fit's all approach.


With all webcentric's full-site design service on site SEO is included as standard as part of the design process.


For website's that have been built already but are performing poorly in the search engines we can compile a report and a plan to get it back on track (this doesn't mean necessarily that we have to rebuild the website from scratch - very often we can work with the current design and just change the parts that are relevant from an SEO point of view).